Year in Review 2021

2021 was a second year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was another year of adjustments and development for the Market, which seeks to remain close to its consumer members and allow them to continue to buy from local producers, regardless of health constraints, to encourage local purchasing and to support Outaouais farmers and processors.

It is therefore with pleasure that we present to you the results of the past year:

The departure of some producers and the arrival of new producers from the Outaouais region give rhythm to life at the Market. Thus, in 2001, we welcomed :

– Larkspur Farm, L’Ange-Gardien

– Bistro Montebello, of Montebello

– Kinoko Mushrooms, from Plaisance

– La Gaspésienne, from Gatineau

– Pure Alternative Farm, Gatineau

– La Fumisterie, of Gatineau

– Le Vallon des Sources, from Ripon

– Rakoto Vanille, from Gatineau

– The Lower Canada Brewery, of Gatineau

– The 5th Baron, from Gatineau

To make it easier for you to find the region’s producers, we have identified them with the Croquez l’Outaouais logo.

To better serve you, our consumer and producer members, and to facilitate the work of our team, but also because our old site deserved to retire, we have developed a new transactional platform. We continue its optimization in 2022 with new features and the resumption of the informational part of the site. Take a stroll through our pages to discover the history of the producers, as well as recipes and information about your cooperative!

ECOdollars et ensemble pour nourrir l'Outaouais

In March 2021, because our Market is committed to its community, we launched a new social fundraising campaign, the ECOdollars program. This campaign is ongoing. You can contribute on a one-time or ongoing basis. On March 31, 2022, we will give our partner Moisson Outaouais a purchase credit at the Market, corresponding to 1.5% of the amount of your ECOdollars purchases, so that this organization can offer local products to its beneficiaries.

For its second edition, the socio-financing campaign Ensemble pour nourrir l’Outaouais has seen its concept renewed. Find the recipes of our chefs here, prepared with the good products of the region, to delight you. With our partners, Desjardins, the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais, the MRCs and the radio stations Énergie 104.1 and Rouge 94.9, $5870.00 worth of products were purchased from the Market’s producers and 147 boxes were given to families in need by Moisson Outaouais throughout the territory.

Did you know that? We have very good wines in the Outaouais. With Véronique Rivest, the renowned sommelier, and the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais, in the fall, we organized the virtual tasting workshop “Buvez l’Outaouais”, highlighting three wines from the region.

Due to sanitary measures, we were able to hold the Harvest Festival in the parking lots around the Market on Friday, September 25. During this day, to thank the producers who feed us and to value their work, there was a farmers’ market and two panel discussions — which you can find on our YouTubechannel.

We collaborated with Place des marchands et des artisans on the agri-food component of the ZIBI Christmas Market. Many of you came to meet us and the fifteen or so producers present. Thank you. We are preparing other events for 2022.

As a solidarity cooperative, we encourageinter-cooperation and are pleased to introduce you to new cooperatives. Here are our 2021 partnerships:

– The creation of three pick-up points in housing cooperatives through our partnership with the FIHAB, to be closer to you: the housing coop 400 Riel, in the Mont-Bleu sector, the housing coop du Lac, in the Lac-des-Fées sector and the housing coop Côté-Ville in the Lac Beauchamps sector.

– Support for the socio-financing campaign of the Rack à Bécik, a solidarity cooperative whose mission is to democratize the use and empowerment of bicycles by offering a humane, inclusive and FUN! place for the maintenance, repair, construction and upgrading of bicycles. They are now our neighbors at 135 Eddy Street, with Horti-Cité, the Bibli’Outils and the Coop du Ruisseau artists’ studios.

– The development of a grocery section at the Market with products from the Coop Alentour andEnviro Educ-Action (to support their mission)

– The reception of the Coop Racines Rurales as a partner. You can pick up your organic vegetable baskets (with or without eggs) at 71 Eddy Street on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


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